GRES – the name of our brand is inspired in the clay with which we make bricks and other construction materials. In Spanish this clay is called “gres”. It speaks of our roots in architecture and the built environment as well as It evokes the spirit of our brand that seek to transform materials and techniques that come from our land and our traditions.

Our built environment has the ability to impact our lives in many powerful ways. Our aim is to incorporate thoughtful and soulful objects into your surroundings. Inspired by architecture, we create contemporary home goods, rooted in traditional techniques. We aim to breathe new life into the centuries old techniques of arts and crafts, while we have the pleasure of partnering with.

Every one of our product has a story that comes from the hands that held and crafted it with care. We partner with crafters and small workshops in Colombia where we work together achieving a careful manufacturing process such that the richness in the texture and shapes of our products shows the touch of these artists. We are commited to generating employment for small entrepreneurs and mothers head of house hold, we empower our people through the appreciation of their crafts and through fair and ethical trade.